The Most Diverse Production Technologies of Volumetric Letters
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Volumetric Letters

Volumetric letters are among the most economical, energy-efficient and, at the same time, the most vibrant and solid types of outdoor advertising. Illuminated or not, volumetric letters usually find their application on the facades and in interiors of shopping and business centres, companies, shops, restaurants, cafes, bars, beauty salons and other establishments. Being resistant to atmospheric effects and temperature fluctuations, volumetric letters are one of the most durable forms of outdoor advertising. A volumetric signage will always highlight and distinguish an advertised brand within the environment. In view of the existing environment of the sign, the facade of a building and other conditions, we will help you to design and realise an option that suits you best – starting with the letters measuring tens of centimetres to complex roof structures several meters high. Our production technology allows us to manufacture volumetric letters of almost unlimited height, and it doesn’t matter whether it’s a logo, an original advertising slogan or a name – we coordinate individual technical solutions, materials, shapes, sizes and colours for each volumetric letters project. We provide a 5-year warranty for volumetric signboard products.
Illuminated Volumetric Letters

Our usual recommendation is to select illuminated volumetric letters with LED lighting installed, which ensures an even distribution of light, low electricity consumption and even several times greater effect of attracting the attention of passers-by.

We always take into account the respective needs, and adapt and install the most suitable light sources for each project for the manufacture of volumetric letters:

  • LED light modules: One of the most suitable choices for volumetric letter signs, as they consume a small amount of electricity, are resistant to impact, have a long life, do not emit heat that could harm the product, and offer a wide range of colours, providing wider possibilities for lighting applications.
  • Neon lighting (neon tubes): Easy to install in volumetric letters, and ensures vivid colours, which makes it possible to implement non-standard volumetric advertising solutions.
  • Luminescence lighting: The right solution when looking for a daylight-like lighting source, as well as where there is a need to illuminate a large-scale volumetric advertisement.
Non-Luminous Volumetric Letters

Non-luminous three-dimensional letters should be chosen when there is sufficient lighting from external sources, for example inside a shopping center or with installed LED lighting, which ensures even distribution of light and low electricity consumption. We always take into account the need – we adapt and install the most suitable light sources for the project of bulk letters: LED light modules – easy to install and adapt in bulk letters, they are particularly efficient and consume less energy. LED lamps operate at 24 V voltage, emit less heat, and are easier to operate. Montavime is shock-resistant, durable and has a wide range of colors. Neon lighting (neon tubes) – easily installed in volumetric letters, does not irritate the eyes, is sensitive to shocks and deformations, but the lighting is uniform along the entire length of the tube. Wide range of colors. Neon lighting has no fading, highlights or cracks, so the look is always flawless. Does not pose a risk to human health or the environment. High and stable voltage is required for operation. Each sign order is individual, from the birth of the idea, visualization, design coordination with the municipality, production, delivery and installation. Contact us and we will offer the most suitable option. Bulky letters will undoubtedly become your business’s business card.

Types of Volumetric Letters

Various technologies, shapes, colours and materials for the production of volumetric letters are available:

  • Milled volumetric letters – the use of this method ensures an extremely fast manufacture of volumetric letters. The technology makes it possible to produce extremely small signage that is particularly suitable for fashion boutiques, small shops or kiosks.
  • Illuminated volumetric letters made of organic glass – an exquisite and modern signage option suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. We recommend to choose with LED lighting, as the organic glass diffuses the light nicely.
  • Illuminated volumetric letters made of metal – a luxurious and solid option, in which the signage is illuminated using a halo effect (letters are illuminated from the outside, directing the light from the facade towards the back of the letters).
  • Volumetric letters of other materials: plastic, wood, non-ferrous metal sheets, foam or stainless steel – apart from following the usual standards in production, we are continually looking for the advantages of using various materials and their application possibilities

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