We pay full attention to our customers:
from design and manufacturing to installation and warranty service.


We always strive for creativity, a sense of modern trends, and different experiences, but at the same time we look at everything rationally – we evaluate every detail so that signages are both effective and durable. Our team consists of highly qualified professionals from different networks, who have already implemented many complex advertising projects. They take responsibility not only for the production process but also for the quality of the product, which is why we provide a 3-year warranty for our products.

Designing a Signage

In the design phase, we look for possible visual interpretations and combine suitable production materials and the most optimal technical solutions.

The experience of the design team at ADMEN is the most direct way to develop effective and high-quality signage, digital screens, or other products. We have gained a lot of experience in the advertising market, so we are able to answer all questions and exploit all advertising possibilities.

After all, this is the reason why you turn to us!
What happens during the design stage
This phase includes not only project preparation and installation, but also the coordination of production technologies, conditions, and processing costs. In this phase, it is important to coordinate the permits issued by the municipality.
We are preparing a special project and coordinating with the necessary institutions
The Design Stage Consists of:
Assessing the situation and adapting the brand.
Design solutions presentation.
Combining materials, technologies and manufacturing process.
Setting technical specifications and goals for manufacturers.
Preparation of coordination of the project with the relevant city institutions.
Preparation of the production of the approved design.


Installation is the final and most gratifying stage, as we can finally see the practical result of the previous production steps on the designated advertising space.

Our team of technicians has extensive experience in the installation of signs, is always prepared for unforeseen circumstances, and solves the most diverse technical situations quickly and accurately.

Installation services provided:
Coordination of installation permits with the municipality.
Installation and dismantling of advertising products (light boxes, bulk advertising, panels, billboards, etc.).
Installation of complex structures at high altitudes.
Decoration of exhibition stands.
Gluing films, stickers on stands or cars.
Execution of installation work in all European Union and Schengen countries.

Warranty Service

It is very important to us that you can rely on the quality of the work done, even after the work is done. For this reason, we provide a 3-year warranty on all products manufactured by us.

If necessary, we can provide materials and components with a 5-year warranty, which is also provided by the raw material manufacturer.

During the warranty period, we promptly respond and eliminate the defects that have occurred.

Excluded from the warranty are mechanical defects caused by shocks, power interruptions, or misuse.

Ordering Process

Send a request with more details about your need and we will respond within 1 working day
Mark the parameters required for your order by providing details about your project.
Coordination process from the initial sketch to a contract with technical design, terms and price.
Advertising production process according to the approved technical plan and conditions.
Product delivery and installation. Agreement of transfer of goods and services.
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