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Facade signs, portals, logo signs, facade lighting are all types of exterior signage that create first-impression, highly visible solutions for all brands.
The Power of First Impressions

The power of the first impression is known and proven many times in practice. If this is important to your business, we suggest that you consider the advertising options of the entrance portal.

If you can use your facade for advertising solutions, do so, it will help you continuously achieve important communication benefits:

– Create a strong visual impact
– Promote brand awareness and identity
– Display a business card for your products and services




Adapt to conditions and needs

A portal – facade solutions can be designed in a variety of ways and provided with different types of lighting. For large texts that need to be visible from really long distances, we recommend free-standing letters with an acrylic front that is illuminated from within with LED technology, which creates maximum visibility and the lowest possible energy consumption.

For smaller texts at street level, other solutions are more suitable. They have a finish that catches the eye of even the most discerning shopper, and are very flexible when it comes to lighting. See examples of portal – facade signs here in our image gallery below. Facade signs can also be manufactured with simpler technology and can be mounted without illumination.

Our experienced project managers and designers will help you find the right portal – facade sign. No matter how your logo needs to look, we will find the right solution for you.


Wide Variety of Solutions

A facade sign can be innovative, made in a variety of techniques and provided with technical expertise in production and lighting. Depending on the design requirements, facade signs can be made of:

  • aluminum LED letters
  • stainless steel
  • acrylic with special luminance
  • other sustainable materials

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