Why are they so popular? The Advertising Pylons are taller and therefore more visible than most other signs!
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Advertising pylons or column signs are outdoor advertising structures with one or more support poles. The structure may involve aluminium or steel frames, while the advertising message can be displayed on one, two or even three sides. Thanks to today’s technology, pylons may also have LED screens integrated. Advertising columns or pylons can usually be seen at gas stations, shopping and business centres, motels, hotels, restaurants, movie theatres, gas stations and car washes, industrial areas, business parks or similar facilities located next to major roads or highways.
Effective Advertising Tool

Pylons are a particularly effective tool for information dissemination if your company is located a bit further away from the main building, for example, in a commercial district or business park. The higher the pylon sign is raised, the better it is visible from a distance, which allows you to catch the attention of drivers, as well as highlight your name and increase brand awareness – pylons are a clear-cut and effective direct link to your business.

Variety of Advertising Pylons

We can offer both standard and non-standard pylons. The main structure of a pylon is usually made of steel or aluminium frames, while, the material of a pylon itself may vary – depending on the idea, the environment, and the goals, the following materials can be used: – plastic (suitable for illuminated structures), – composite panels, – powder-coated or film-coated tin, etc.

With or without illumination? After discussing the specifics and location of the client’s activity, a decision concerning the need for a lighting system is taken. Pylons can be installed without any lighting. The price of illuminated pylons is higher, however, where advertising needs to be seen in the dark or be visible from a great distance, the lighting is effective. In each case, we select the most optimal method of lighting, such as light box principle, LED diodes or fluorescent lamps.


What Permits are Required?

To install a pylon or any other type of a commercial advertising sign, the coordination work with the local municipality has to be carried out and a permit obtained. We will take care of that, saving your time. Our team will design a required structure and coordinate the project with the municipality, select the most suitable material for the pylon, the place of installation and anchoring, as well as will perform other coordination steps necessary to obtain the permit for pylon installation.

We manufacture both standard and non-standard pylons of various sizes – starting with the idea, visualization, design and coordination and ending with the production and installation work.

Order Inquiry

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