There’s No Shape We Can’t Make!
We have 30 years of experience in the production of advertising structures, so there are no forms of advertising that we would not be able put into existence.


We offer the widest range of advertising production services, so we can turn even your most complex advertising projects into reality. Latest advertising standards, parameters and application of state of the art technology – all of which is best left to professionals. We also have a valid reason: Admen’s production base houses a research and development department staffed by professional advertising production technologists. Employees of this department implement new technological solutions and seek to apply them in new experimental products. It is in this department that solutions for non-standard objects are born, which are then easily implemented by the employees of the production workshop.

Digital Screens

LED/LCD screens are one of the most popular and effective means of outdoor / indoor advertising, rapidly gaining popularity. We offer our customers the most diverse solutions for LED/LCD advertising screens, design, adjustment and installation work.

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Volumetric Letters

Volumetric letters are among the most economical, energy-efficient and, at the same time, the most vibrant and solid types of outdoor advertising. Being resistant to atmospheric effects and temperature fluctuations, volumetric letters are one of the most durable forms of outdoor advertising.

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Light Boxes

Light boxes are one of the most effective means of outdoor advertising that will always attract attention. In view of your needs, we can offer a wide variety of light box production technologies, constructions, designs, and materials.

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Flag Signs

Flag banners, emblems, consoles, light boxes and mockup signs belong to the same family of brand signage. Flag signs are used to highlight and identify the brand. Flag signs can be installed with different mounting options.

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Advertising pylons or column signs are outdoor advertising structures with one or more support poles. The structure may involve aluminium or steel frames, while the advertising message can be displayed on one, two or even three sides.

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Facade signs, portals, logo signs, facade lighting, facade signs are an element of exterior signage that creates initial, highly visible solutions for all brands. A facade sign can be innovative, made in a variety of techniques and provided with technical expertise in production and lighting.

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Non-Standard Advertising

Non-standard advertising solutions attract attention faster and remain in memory longer. In addition to creative ideas, technical solutions that need to be specially adapted according to a non-standard concept are extremely important here.

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