Flag Signs Are an Ideal Identification Point - a Visible Way to Attract New Customers!
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Flag Signs

Flag banners, emblems, consoles, light boxes and mockup signs all belong to the same family of brand signage. Flag signs are used to highlight and identify the brand. Outdoor and indoor illuminated flag signs are manufactured to the highest quality standards (level) and to last a long time (warranty). Flag signs can be installed with different mounting options.
Advantages of Flag Signs

Small-scale but bright objects serve well to attract the attention of passers-by:

– light in the darkness,
– ideal identification point,
– visible way to attract new customers.

Great customization options

Various flag signs  can be customized easily in view on the desired design, shape, size and colour. The durability of a flag signs is ensured by high-quality production work and properly selected materials, so it can withstand difficult outdoor weather conditions. Specially adapted lighting for flag signs ensures good visibility. Illuminated with bright LED lighting, a flag sign will attract the customer attention to even a greater extent.

Flag signs for various purposes

We manufacture standard and non-standard flag signs of various sizes – starting with the idea, visualization, design, and coordination and up to the production and installation work – for the following purposes:

– advertising signs;

– informational signs;

– branded signs;

– exhibition signs;

– display signs.


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