The Basis of Our Success
Creative and well experienced members of staff. Regardless of weather conditions or distance, we are ready to put all of our effort in so that the idea is executed and delivered with quality.

We Are the People of Advertising

Over the 30+ years we have grown together with the advertising industry, making it an inseparable part of our existence. In that time we:

  • delivered thousands of different projects
  • checked and validated creative decisions
  • built trust from our clientele over these responsibilities

All these years we have been working alongside advertising and its innovations, while always fitting our solutions based on people’s behaviour, knowledge and the latest trends.

Group of Companies

The main activity of the company ADMEN is the manufacture and export of signage and digital screens. The factory and headquarters are strategically located in the center of Europe, in Lithuania, which provides the opportunity to reach any customer in any country of the European Union or the East.
The largest company for the production of advertising signs in the Baltic States is located in the main cities of Lithuania: Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda.
Our professional team in Riga serves the entire Latvian market and works on both standard and individual projects. We attach great importance to the selection of advertising technologies and customer service.

Our clients


Quality is the guarantee of our business. Hence we keep investing in equipment upgrades, staff training and improving working conditions. We always optimise for efficiency - we have built an extensive map for internal processes, which helps coordinate actions of our staff, improve delivery time for various tasks.
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