We have accumulated 30 years of experience in the production of advertising materials, so there are no forms of ads that we cannot implement!
Thinking about a well made non-standard ad sign and not sure about your best options? We would love to give you a consultation and advise on the most optimal solution!

Non-Standard Advertising

Non-standard advertising is so desirable that, as we joke, it becomes the standard. Advertising ideas that do not fit into standard frameworks are technically complex projects, but they pay off because they help distinguish the advertised service or product in the ever-increasing flow of information. Advertising that attracts attention and engages the user is rated the most favorably among all other forms of advertising. Have an interesting advertising idea? We invite you to discuss it with our experienced team, who will do everything to implement it.
Non-standard outdoor advertising

Non-standard outdoor advertising – these are all known forms of outdoor advertising that do not fit, do not correspond to normal frames. It can be exclusive outdoor advertising stands, various mechanical solutions, signs of unusual shape and everything else that catches the eye with an unexpected effect. Non-standard advertising always poses additional technical challenges, because not only creative ideas are important here, but also non-standard technical solutions that need to be specifically adapted according to a unique concept.

Non-standard indoor advertising
From unusual interior and exhibition stand solutions to building facades, we will deliver visions that cannot be realised by builders or furniture makers. We cooperate with interior designers, architects and project authors to carefully considered every detail in a given project. Reception or office interior advertising, special signs or showcases – a non-standard solution will create an exclusive and modern image for your company. According to the interior concept planned by the designer, we can model and build non-standard furniture, walls, stands and install lighting systems. We help implement non-standard solutions at various exhibition stands.
Variety of non-standard solutions

There are no limits to ideas, just to what is technically possible. We strive to expand from these boundaries by mastering the following projects:

  • “packaged buildings”
  • non-standard volumetric images
  • shape changes using unique lighting
  • dummies of various sizes
  • 3D visualizations
  • unusual volumetric shapes
  • non-standard furniture
  • non-standard interior solutions
  • other unusual visual solutions

Each non-standard order is individually made and unique, as we strive to adapt materials that best reflect the essence and the main communicative message.

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    Examples of the Non - Standard Advertising Manufactured by Us

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