We have 30 years of experience in the production of signage, so there are no forms we cannot implement!
Are you thinking about custom, non-standard signage and not sure what your options are? We will be happy to advise you and find the best solution for you!


Custom signs are so desirable that they become, as we joke, the standard. Unique sign ideas are technically expensive projects, but they are useful because they make the product stand out from the ever-increasing flow of information. Signs that attract attention and are attractive to the consumer are evaluated the most positively of all other forms of advertising. Got an interesting advertising idea? Please discuss this with our experienced team who will do their best to make it happen.
Non-Standard Outdoor Signs

Non-standard outdoor signs are any known shapes that do not fit and comply with the standard frame. These can include exclusive outdoor stands, various digital solutions, signs with unusual shapes, and anything else that stands out with an unexpected effect. Non-standard outdoor signs always pose an additional technical challenge, as here not only creative ideas are important, but also non-standard technical solutions that need to be specifically adapted to a unique concept.

Non-Standard Indoor Signs
We provide visions that cannot be realized by builders or furniture manufacturers. We work with interior designers, architects, and project writers to carefully consider every detail of a project. Signage at the reception or in the office, special signs or showcases – a non-standard solution will create an exclusive and modern image for your company. Depending on the interior concept planned by the designer, we can model and build non-standard furniture, walls, and stands, as well as install lighting systems. We help to implement non-standard solutions on various exhibition stands.
Non-Standard solutions

There are no limits to ideas, only to what is technically possible. Our goal is to expand these boundaries through a variety of non-standard sign projects.

Each custom-made product is individual and unique, and we try to tailor the materials to best reflect the essence and the most important communication message.

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