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LED / LCD Screens are one of the most popular and effective forms of outdoor advertising, becoming increasingly popular throughout Europe. The advantages of this type of advertising are its intensity, dynamism, and the ability to easily change the information displayed on the screen, which makes it particularly effective, as it can attract the attention of passers-by and motorists. We can offer our clients a wide range of solutions for LED / LCD advertising screens, design, customization, and installation. We also offer training in the use of LED / LCD screens, advise on any problems that may arise and show you how to better use the capabilities of the installed screen.
LED/LCD Screens for Indoor and Outdoor Advertising

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screens are very similar to LEDs (Light Emitting Diode) and even the principle of their operation is not much different: the difference is the light source behind the screen. Liquid crystal display screens use neon lights, while LED screens use light-emitting diodes. Another important thing is that, unlike LCD, LED screens can save up to 50-70% of electricity consumption.

LED screens, that can come in a variety of forms, are used for provision of information and advertising in various locations: on roads, in shops, gas stations, pharmacies and public transport, or simply used as dynamic visual signage. Apart from that, LED screens may display not only static but also dynamic images (video) and relevant additional information, e.g., air temperature, this way gaining even more attention of passers-by. All required information is organised on a computer using special software and transferred by simply inserting a USB memory stick into the USB slot on the rear side of the screen housing. The management is truly simple.

The brightness of LED screens enables to use them outdoors, where the signage and advertisement stands of shops are visible even in the sun. In recent years, these screens are also widely used in public transport destination signs, as well as variable message signs on highways. LED screens can also provide general lighting without any visual display when used, for example, for stage lighting or other decorative (not only informational) purposes. LED screens can offer a higher contrast ratio than a projector, providing an alternative to traditional projection screens, as well as they can be used for large continuous (without visible grids of individual screen frames) video walls.

LED Screens – an Integral Part of Events

Modern digital solutions always give a touch of modernity, dynamism and brightness to an event. LED screens are used in festivals, concerts, sports competitions, exhibitions, performances, private and corporate celebrations and various meetings. Displaying images on the screen is a modern and convenient way of transmitting information/advertisement. Such screens may be used for displaying advertising or visualisations, presenting video material or static information, etc.

Looking for an LED screen for your business? Contact us now and we will assist you in selecting the LED screen most suitable for you! We offer various LED screens and signboards, we help with their installation and configuration, also advise our customers on how to maintain LED screens and change the information displayed on them.


Looking for a LED/LCD Screen for Your Business?

We offer various LED screens and signs, help fitting and configuring them, advise customers on how to maintain LED screens and change the information displayed on them.

LED transparent screens
Indoor and outdoor use
Pixel pitch – P 1.9 -> P10
Brightness 500 ->5000 +
IP66/ IP65/ IP64 <-> IP43/ IP45/ IP54
Easy to install by one person
Warranty 24-> 36 months
Energy saving

LED standard screens
Indoor and outdoor use
Pixel pitch – P 1.9 -> P10
Brightness 500 ->5000 +
IP66/ IP65/ IP64 <-> IP43/ IP45/ IP54
Easy to install by one person
Warranty 24-> 36 months
Energy saving

LCD solutions
LCD screens
Video walls
Touch screens
Size from 22″ to 96″ -> NEW110″
Resolution 4K
Warranty 24 months
Energy saving

Individual design
Customer APP development customisation
Ability to install available programs
Video camera installation

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